Northridge, LLC and Clyne Long

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Northridge LLC Real Estate Company, Buyers and Renters beware this company has a president "Clyne Long" that is a *** artist.He sets you up for a rent to own gets you sucked into believing he is going to be honest and upfront in all is dealings.

When he claims to be a righteous member of the Mormon Religion he has stated on more than one occasion “you can trust me I am in my bishopric I wouldn’t deceive you or take advantage of you because I am a good member of my church.” When in fact he is a liar and a deceiver. He does take advantage of people and he steals and embezzles money from you and he does not know how to keep accurate accounting records either. We had a contract with him and he refused to uphold his end of the contract when the contract was up. He took us for a very large sum of money.

Make sure everything is in writing and never take his word because he word is no good. He has you fix up the places he buys, and then at the end of the contract pulls out of it. I don't advise anyone doing business with either president of this company it’s a family owned business and if one president does this to others you might be the next person to be taken advantage of. He buys these homes for cheap then does a rent to own deal with you and has you fix it up with no responsibility on his part of any of the repairs after he promises you that he will help you fix up the place.

I just hate to see anymore-innocent people be taken advantage of by a liar and a deceiver that he is. Please take note and protect your self from people like them.

Don't fall victim to his ploys to suck you in.Buyers and Renters beware.



He must be a so called "upstanding" Mormon leader of said cult!


I will keep it short and to the point.He lost the checks and asked me right before court if he could cash them now.???

if you do not have them, how are you going to cash them? second he told the judge that he was selling the house to go on a mission and the house had a sign out front within a week.

Tried to tell us that he wanted the contract rewritten for more money or he would find a way to get us out.We would not and had issues, he started losing our checks only to ask to cash them.......


My son-in-law told me of this site and what was on it.

I thank Alan for the truth unlike that written by Steven and Shirley Watkins as they are the only people I have done a "rent to own" or "lease option" with that has complained.To keep it short and to the point Steven and Shirley Watkins were evicted and had a judgment against them from the apartment they ocupied just before telling me they had never been evicted and moved into one of my rental homes.

They were usually late with rent payments and in the end quit paying rent and I had to have them evicted. I now have a judgement against them for about $1,8000 of past due rent.

There is no need to discuss who is the lier and fraud just look it up in the Utah county court records.If any one knows where Steve and Shirley live let me know, they disappeared after the judge told them they owed me the money.


I find these complaints very funny.I know Clyne Long very well.

He is an honest and upright individual. The only people that do not like him or try to slander him are renters who do not pay there rent , trash his houses, and get evicted after several months. He has let individuals like the ones above "squat" for several months without doing anything about it. Improvements to a property does not include leaving it worse than when you moved in.

Maybe some of you believe that it does. This information is not accurate, but if you choose to accept it then you are as big a fool as the people who wrote these articles. The Mormon church has nothing to do with this. You people are just pissed off because you do not know how to take care of a home or pay your rent.

It is no wonder you were kick out after several months of not paying you rent.If you choose to believe such garbage then you are not deserving to even know Clyne Long.

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand #1430

I foudn this interesting.I talked to him once and he made it seem real good.

but I had doubts. . Well I ran into a person he has worked doen business with and they mentioned he was not that good either. Well, I eally did not want to do business with him after tseeign this site and talkiing to a couple of mortgage companies.

They all stated him was not all he said he was.He has ripped off a bunch of their clients , and now they had to find other housing.

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand #1009

I have done business with both Clyne and Anne Long and they are both very much liars.They both took advantage of my husband and me.

I wish I had seen this site earlier. I will never ever refer anyone to them ever again.

They both need to be stopped before they take advantage of anymore-innocent people.I advise all to “Beware.”

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand #953

When I posted my response to this article I mistakenly put Clyne Long when infact it was I that wrote this review.Debbie L.

Thanks for the information I was referred by a friend of his. I am glad I checked him out before I took the step to get in contact with him or his company.

I will not be doing business with him or his company after learning about what a *** artist he is.Thank you again for the information.

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand #951

Thanks for the information I was referred by a friend of his.I am glad I checked him out before I took the step to get in contact with him or his company.

I will not be doing business with him or his company after learning about what a *** artist he is.Thank you again for the information.

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